In 2009, in cooperation with a German light installer, Agata Norek developed the concept for the installation of "solar cities".
These installations consisted of numerous round glowing Plexiglas disks placed on high rods, reminding of bright sunflowers
gently swaying in the wind. Together, the duo realized a total of seven installations in Germany and Poland.

Since 2011 Agata Norek has been pursuing her most important ambition:
She has advanced from the flat surface and is adding sculptural elements to her work. She places and manipulates abstact forms and materials in space very decidedly. The artist focuses on individual special editions. This opens the space for experimentation, research and creativity.
She has involved an international team: a sculptor from New York and a German industrial designer. Together they demand very high quality, artistic challenges of themselves.

She has given the concept the name ”Norek-Jardin"
(Jardin fr. - Garden). The concept provides well- known public- and private places with individually suited installations.

"As a child, I loved it to hide and play in the green plants and leaves of my aunt´s garden. I felt I had the best hiding place, which made me feel safe. It was a very sensual experience in the warm and moist earth, with the rustling of the leaves, the bright colours of the flowers, the intense fragrance and it became my favorite place on earth.
It is the memory of these very magical moments which inspires the making of my garden installations. It is my intention to combine the free creativity of the child with the passion and professionalism in Art and Design. I would like to draw the viewer of the installation into an abstract dimension, so that they can lose themselves in the beauty."

Dr Agata Norek